Attract and retain top talent

Increased employee productivity

Reduced distractions

Less time off

Increased employee engagement

Peace of mind

Happier employees

We have teamed up with Jeff Thomschin, SPHR, GPHR, CBP, CCP, President of PeopleMost, HR Leader and Business Consultant, to support our clients and those in the HR industry 



What is Curus?

We provide services that save executives, key employees and professionals time, increase productivity in your company and decrease stress

Complex Care healthcare management, White-glove concierge healthcare coordination, and a nurses-line with advice based on the actual users information. Curus has a model that will fit your company's needs.


EmployersWhere’s the benefit?  Imagine if you could give each key employee and their families a personal healthcare administrator to provide access to medical centers of excellence and top medical providers, schedule medical appointments, follow up with physicians, analyze and resolve billing issues, arrange second opinions with a select Medical Advisory Team and answer questions 24/7/365.



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  • Less distractions at work and reduced turnover of top talent = Return On Investment
  • We have a lot of healthcare problems in this country and they are spilling into your business every day. Curus offers the solution. We focus on the healthcare management needs of your key employees so they can continue to focus on your business.
  • Wealth advisors emerged from a need to manage wealth, and now the forward thinking are moving to health management to address the time consuming need to manage health.